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At Home Website – Please visit to access K-8 Activity Packs for Math and Reading, guidance and tools for educators using i-Ready during school closures, and resources for families to best support their children use of i-Ready Online Instruction.  This is updated to provide  even more resources and follow-up activities!

Resources and Supports on i-Ready: Listed below are several summaries, tools and supports for communicating about i-Ready and sharing information with parents, students and teachers. 


i-Ready Support Site for Diagnostic Testing At-Home: Website with resources to support parents

i-Ready Diagnostic Testing At-Home Parent Letter: Letter to parents explaining the purpose and testing at-home due to COVID19

i-Ready At-Home Testing Family Video: A three minute video to be shared with families about at-home testing. 

COVID19 iReady Available to All Schools Parent Letter: Letter to parents explaining iReady and use during COVID19 closures. 

Alignment of Reading At Home Packet  to Online Lessons: Guide for teachers in how to utilize the print resources available during COVID19 for Reading.

Alignment of Math At Home Packet to Online Lessons: Guide for teachers in how to utilize the print resources available during COVID19 for Math

Scope and Sequence Guide for Using Online Lessons During COVID19: How to utilize the online lessons during COVID19

Educator Guide:  Supporting Students during a School Closure A complete guide in  supporting students with iReady resources through the COVID19 closure.

I-Ready Sample Student and Teacher  Reports: Exemplar reports to see/share with stakeholders.

I-Ready Assessment Technical Manual: Full manual that explains how scores, gain targets and other features are determined. 

i-Ready Parent Letter for 2019-2020: Parent Letter for pilot schools for 2019-2020

i-Ready Monitoring Instruction Guide for Leaders: Helpful guide to use during professional learning with teachers on monitoring instruction. 

i-Ready Placement Definitions and Screen Guide: Helpful guide in understanding i-Ready's use of grade level placements and time of year views in i-Ready portal

i-Ready Math Diagnostic in Spanish Guide: Description of the Spanish Diagnostic test available in Math. 

i-Ready Main Screen Navigation Guide for Leaders: Screenshots and definitions of admin pages in i-Ready.

The Science Behind i-Ready’s Adaptive Diagnostic Test: An explanation to share with stakeholders regarding the diagnostic testing done in i-Ready. 


Teacher Login Directions: Teacher access is available through a computer only and cannot be accessed by teachers on iPads, tablets or phones.

Note: Your rosters are syncing with PowerSchool and your district is using single sign on through NC Ed Cloud and Clever.


To log in to i-Ready, go to:

Username: email address

Password: teacher


Student Login directions. Students cannot access i-Ready from non-iPad tablets or from a phone. 

To log in to i-Ready, go to:

Username: first initial, last initial, student ID (Available in the i-Ready portal)

Password: date of birth (mmddyyyy)


I-Ready Cheat Sheet: How to use K-1 Login Cards (Easier than username/password)





Monitoring Completion of the i-Ready Diagnostic (55 minutes): Discussion on how to monitor testing during COVID19 affected remote learning

Utilizing i-Ready Diagnostic Assessments At-Home During Remote Learning (55 minutes) : Discussion of using the diagnostic testing at-home during COVID19, useful for leaders and teachers on how to set-up testing

Getting Started in i-Ready Online Instruction. (4 minutes)

Assigning i-Ready for At Home Learning (7 minutes)

An Introduction to i-Ready Online Instruction (44:49) Audience: New I-only customers (No Diagnostic)

Supporting Students Away from School with i-Ready (44:22) Audience: Existing customers, teaching remotely (Diagnostic users)

Strategies for Teaching i-Ready Teacher Assigned Lessons  (50 minutes)  Audience: New Teachers using Online Lessons during COVID19

Engaging Students While At-Home (60 minutes) Audience: All Teachers during COVID19