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Special Annoucement regarding August PD:

However due to the pressing realities of COVID-19, the in-person professional development session originally scheduled for mid-August has been transitioned to an e-learning format with multiple dates and times for principals and teachers to reserve their individual spot.  Also, instead of a one three-hour long session, we have split this up into three, one hour sessions that can be spaced out throughout August to reduce overload and burn-out with all the multiple start of the year tasks. Please remember that this is only for teachers NEW to i-Ready and NOT for teachers that were already introduced to i-Ready through the pilot years of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. 

Linked to this email is a brochure that lists out all the options and times for each of the three sessions  Included in the email and the brochure is the sign-up links that can be given directly to teachers or you can use to sign up each teacher individually. Each session has a cap of 50 individuals and will be removed from selection when 50 individuals are reached. Please share the following two links directly with teachers that need training this upcoming year to complete. OCS will send out more information regarding Session 3 in the next month. 
Session 1: Getting Good Data with i-Ready Part 1
Available Dates:  August 10-August 27
Session 2: Getting Good  Data with i-Ready Part 2 (
Available Dates: August 10-August 27
Session 3: Administering the Diagnostic Digital Learning Extension Part 3 
(Registration Link: TBD)
Available Dates: August 24-September 1

At Home Website – Please visit to access K-8 Activity Packs for Math and Reading, guidance and tools for educators using i-Ready during school closures, and resources for families to best support their children use of i-Ready Online Instruction.  This is updated to provide  even more resources and follow-up activities!

Resources and Supports on i-Ready: Listed below are several summaries, tools and supports for communicating about i-Ready and sharing information with parents, students and teachers. 


i-Ready 2021 Letters: Letters to send to parents explaining Archdiose support for the assessment. 

i-Ready Support Site for Diagnostic Testing At-Home: Website with resources to support parents

i-Ready Diagnostic Testing At-Home Parent Letter: Letter to parents explaining the purpose and testing at-home due to COVID19

i-Ready At-Home Testing Family Video: A three minute video to be shared with families about at-home testing. 

COVID19 iReady Available to All Schools Parent Letter: Letter to parents explaining iReady and use during COVID19 closures. 

Alignment of Reading At Home Packet  to Online Lessons: Guide for teachers in how to utilize the print resources available during COVID19 for Reading.

Alignment of Math At Home Packet to Online Lessons: Guide for teachers in how to utilize the print resources available during COVID19 for Math

Scope and Sequence Guide for Using Online Lessons During COVID19: How to utilize the online lessons during COVID19

Educator Guide:  Supporting Students during a School Closure A complete guide in  supporting students with iReady resources through the COVID19 closure.

I-Ready Sample Student and Teacher  Reports: Exemplar reports to see/share with stakeholders.

I-Ready Assessment Technical Manual: Full manual that explains how scores, gain targets and other features are determined. 

i-Ready Parent Letter for 2019-2020: Parent Letter for pilot schools for 2019-2020

i-Ready Monitoring Instruction Guide for Leaders: Helpful guide to use during professional learning with teachers on monitoring instruction. 

i-Ready Placement Definitions and Screen Guide: Helpful guide in understanding i-Ready's use of grade level placements and time of year views in i-Ready portal

i-Ready Math Diagnostic in Spanish Guide: Description of the Spanish Diagnostic test available in Math. 

i-Ready Main Screen Navigation Guide for Leaders: Screenshots and definitions of admin pages in i-Ready.

The Science Behind i-Ready’s Adaptive Diagnostic Test: An explanation to share with stakeholders regarding the diagnostic testing done in i-Ready. 


Teacher Login Directions: Teacher access is available through a computer only and cannot be accessed by teachers on iPads, tablets or phones.

Note: Your rosters are syncing with PowerSchool and your district is using single sign on through NC Ed Cloud and Clever.


To log in to i-Ready, go to:

Username: email address

Password: teacher


Student Login directions. Students cannot access i-Ready from non-iPad tablets or from a phone. 

To log in to i-Ready, go to:

Username: first initial, last initial, student ID (Available in the i-Ready portal)

Password: date of birth (mmddyyyy)


I-Ready Cheat Sheet: How to use K-1 Login Cards (Easier than username/password)





Monitoring Completion of the i-Ready Diagnostic (55 minutes): Discussion on how to monitor testing during COVID19 affected remote learning

Utilizing i-Ready Diagnostic Assessments At-Home During Remote Learning (55 minutes) : Discussion of using the diagnostic testing at-home during COVID19, useful for leaders and teachers on how to set-up testing

Getting Started in i-Ready Online Instruction. (4 minutes)

Assigning i-Ready for At Home Learning (7 minutes)

An Introduction to i-Ready Online Instruction (44:49) Audience: New I-only customers (No Diagnostic)

Supporting Students Away from School with i-Ready (44:22) Audience: Existing customers, teaching remotely (Diagnostic users)

Strategies for Teaching i-Ready Teacher Assigned Lessons  (50 minutes)  Audience: New Teachers using Online Lessons during COVID19

Engaging Students While At-Home (60 minutes) Audience: All Teachers during COVID19