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SchoolMessenger Features:

  1.  K12 Social Media - manage all of your social media in one place

    1. Allows you to manage interactions in one place with a wide variety of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

    2. Has robust analytics that allows you to easily understand and  quantify your school’s social media performance.

    3. Gives you real-time insight and alerts to help keep your school safe and on top of rumors and issues by monitoring millions of sources across the web for mentions of your school within social media sites, news sites, personal blogs, and more.

  2. Presence website design

    1. includes Teacher pages as a feature in this product.

    2. Please feel free to take a look at

  3. Classroom Messaging

    1. automated notifications to connect with parents

    2. Easy addition, editing and deletion of their own, custom messages in the Comment Library

    3. Comment selection from the approved Comment Library only

    4. E-mail replies from the parents to any or all of the senders

    5. Creation of custom comment groups to improve manageability and access

  4. The InfoCenter

    1. personalize communications from your school or district into one centralized feed.

  5. SecureFile (document delivery)


Training Always Available

These new features do not require training, but training is always available to users of our SchoolMessenger products. To register for any of our no-cost live training sessions for Communicate, Presence, or CustomApp, please visit

We'll also have expanded resources available to all of our customers on the new Resource Central site. Sign up for an account by visiting

Share a One-Minute Contact Preferences Video With Parents

In light of the FCC's TCPA requirements and general messaging best practices, many customers have asked for an easy way to collect parental consent for non-emergency notification messages. This new video clearly communicates how parents can give permission to receive important school notifications. Parents simply visit the online InfoCenter portal ( and indicate their messaging preferences, choosing how they want to be contacted.
This will not only help with the effectiveness of your outreach efforts, but will also provide an easy way to collect consent for communicating with your school community (as required by the most recent updates to the FCC regulations for TCPA).



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New Users:

Beginner's Guide

New resource site, located at


Support Info:

800-920-3897 or email

More support here:



To register for any of our no-cost live training sessions visit



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*School Safety Webinar: In recognition of Safe Schools Week (Oct 16-22), and in addition to the recent school safety webinar hosted by SchoolMessenger, they're releasing a white paper entitled, "Five Layers of School Safety." You can download your free copy of this information-packed white paper here.

“Understanding Newly Announced School Clarifications for TCPA.”

Please find the TCPA FAQ here.

For additional resources mentioned during the webinar, please refer to the list below:

TCPA resources for all

TCPA resources for SchoolMessenger Communicate users

If you’re not a SchoolMessenger solutions customer of West and would like to learn more about any of our school communication products, please visit or email us at