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On this page you will find a wealth of resources to help manage your school's enrollment.  This page is organized around the Enrollment Management Planning Framework, which you can read more about below.  You will also find additional materials, templates, and tools to support your efforts. 

Enrollment Management Planning Framework: This framework details the key elements that your school's enrollment team needs to put in motion to effectively manage enrollment.  The framework is broken out into three areas: 

Building interest in
enrolling in the schools

Objectives and
Key Questions

New Family Sales
New families to
enroll in the school

Objectives and
Key Questions

Retention Sales
Existing families to
re-enroll in the school

Objectives and
Key Questions








What to Expect When Working with the Enrollment Management Team

Services for you from the OCS Enrollment Management Team

AMEN Webinar Schedule for 2016-2017

Enrollment Management Diagnostic

Sample Enrollment Marketing Plan - Blank

Sample Enrollment Marketing Plan - With Goals

Resources Organized by Topic


 Lead Follow Up (August 2011) Newsletter

Cultivating Prospects (September 2012) Newsletter

Admissions Process/Financial Aid (January 2013) Newsletter

Admissions Protocols (October 2013) Newsletter  Webinar

Admissions Calendar (September 2014) Newsletter  Webinar (Recording)

One Person Admissions Office (September 2015) Newsletter  Webinar (Recording)

Parent Ambassadors

 Parent Ambassadors (October 2011) Newsletter

Parent Ambassadors 2.0 (October 2012)  Newsletter

Parent Ambassador Best Practices (May 2012)  Newsletter

Parent Ambassadors (March 2014) Newsletter Webinar (Recording

Parent Ambassadors (March 2015) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

Parent Ambassadors (October 2015) Newsletter Webinar

NCEA Parent Ambassadors (April 2016) Presentation (Recording)

Parent Ambassadors (September 2016) Presentation

 Parent Ambassador Guidebook 2.0

Communications Strategy (December 2009) AMEN Presentation
Electronic Communications (February 2012) Newsletter
Push Pages (May 2013) Newsletter
Communication is Key (November 2015) Newsletter Webinar
​Communications & Media (January 2017) Presentation  Webinar


Creating a Retention Plan (September 2011) Newsletter

Retention (April 2012) Newsletter

Retention Strategies (January 2014) Newsletter Webinar

Recruitment and Retention (January 2015) Newsletter

Retention (February 2015) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

Parent Retention is a Yearlong Commitment (March 2016) Webinar (Recording)


Customer Service

Customer Service (March 2012) Newsletter

Customer Service/Social Media (February 2013) Newsletter

Surveys and Cultural Responsiveness (March 2013) Newsletter

Customer Service (February 2014)Newsletter  Webinar  (Recording)

Customer Service (April 2016) Presentation





Technology Resources (Summer 2012) Newsletter

Focus on Technology (October 2014) Newsletter

Social Media (April 2015) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

Building Your Brand Through Social Media (December 2015) Newsletter Webinar Recording

Communicating Online with Current and Prospective Families (February 2016) AMEN Presentation

Website Best Practices

Next Level Web Strategies

Facebook Advertising and Tips

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Retention (November 2012) Newsletter

Early Childhood Marketing and Retention (May 2014) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

Early Childhood Value Proposition (November 2014) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

Early Childhood Enrollment (May 2016) Presentation (Recording)

Early Childhood Enrollment (March 2017) Presentation (Recording)

Checklist for Excellent Early Childhood Programs

Congratulations Cards for the Newly Baptized

 Parent and Tot Program Flyer: Sample 1    Sample 2

Step Up Day Example: Sample 1     Sample 2

Value Proposition

Value Proposition (November 2011) Newsletter

Branding (November 2013) Newsletter Webinar 

Value Proposition Template

SWOT Analysis


Open House/Admission Events

Open House Part 1 (December 2011) Newsletter   

Open House Part 2 (January 2012) Newsletter

Admissions Events (August 2012) Newsletter

Open House (December 2012)  Newsletter

Admissions Events (December 2013) Newsletter  Webinar

Prepping for Catholic Schools Week (December 2014) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

​Hosting a Successful Open House (November 2016) Presentation

Are you Ready for Catholic Schools Week? (December 2016) Webinar (Recording)      Presentation   
Sample Communications Plan     Sample Registration Incentives
Sample CSW Calendar 1     Sample CSW Calendar 2


Latino Social Media/Volunteer Appreciation (April 2013) Newsletter

New Family Outreach (September 2013) Newsletter  Webinar

Summer Strategies (April 2014)  Newsletter  Webinar (Recording)

Bootcamp Recap (August 2014) Newsletter Webinar (Recording)

 November 2014: Welcoming School Protocols Webinar (Recording)

Recruitment and Retention (January 2015) Newsletter

Developing Your Marketing Plan (February 2017) Presentation

Marketing in a Changing Neighborhood: Cultural Responsiveness (April 2017) Presentation


 Samples of Marketing Materials



Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3



Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4 (English and Spanish)








Inquiry Forms






Marketing Plans

Sample Marketing Plan - Blank

Sample Marketing Plan - With Goals


Enrollment Incentives

No Uniform Today (NUT) Cards


Facebook Ads

Sample 1

Sample 2



Prospective Parent Letter

Prospective Student Letter

Mom & Tot Program

Sample 1



We are here to help! Feel free to contact our team members.


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Marketing Resources to help you build interest in enrolling in your school:

  • Communicate with Parents & Community



Parish and Community Outreach


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 New Family Sales Resources 

Lead Follow-Up Procedure


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Retention Sales Resources