Archdiocese of Chicago

 ISBE Recognition Notice Minimize

The Office of Catholic Schools is committed to ensuring each and every one of our schools is fully recognized in the State of Illinois. It is crucially important that every school provide the required Registration, Immunization and Vision data to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) via the IWAS system ASAP in order to be eligible to receive tax credit scholarships (TCS). 

The Registration process opened on October 1 and the Immunization data submittal process opened on October 15. All submissions must be complete in IWAS prior to end of business on November 15, but we are requesting each school to send evidence that the submission is complete prior to November 1. This will help us identify and work through any issues that may exist. This renewal of registration requires information to be submitted via IWAS. Paper applications will not be accepted. Please send the confirmation email (or a screenshot/picture of it) to and please include your school’s full name and 5-digit AoC ID code in the subject line.

If you have technical problems accessing IWAS, please contact ISBE's help desk at 217.558.3600.  If you have questions concerning the components of this report, please contact the ISBE Regulatory Support and Wellness Division at 217.782.5270. The Division's mailing address is 100 North First Street – E222, Springfield, IL 62777-0001.

The completion of both the Non-Public School Registration, Enrollment and Staff Report and the Student Health Data-Immunization reports is a prerequisite to submission of the Non-Public School Application for Recognition and Calendar, which will open at a later date for renewal of non-public school recognitions.

Finally, we have added a Recognition page to the OCS Resource Portal under school staff. We will post all of the latest updates from ISBE on the portal so please be sure to look there for guidance.