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Legislation has taken on an extremely important role for Catholic schools and all non-public schools. Our families and our schools have, in justice, a right to a fair share of educational tax dollars. The Office of Catholic Schools has established a network of Legislative Action Persons (LAPs) in our schools to assist the school administration to effectively lobby for that right. The Legislative Manual outlines the Illinois Catholic legislative structure and gives LAPs and administrators’ guidelines for establishing relationships with legislators, writing letters and making calls and visits to lobby for support of educational issues that benefit both non-public and public schools.

For further information contact:
Sue Bordenaro at or 312-534-5304.

To download the Legislative Action Manual, click here.


October 11, 2016 Informational Meeting


News 11/10/16:  Lobby Trip to Springfield Canceled

If anyone who wishes to meet locally with their legislator contact Ebony at ebony@onechanceillinois or 773-680-9848.


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