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The decision to use the Future Search format derives from the belief that effective planning will only happen when everyone invested in the future of an organization is in the room together, that is, the “whole system.” The major stakeholders for the future of quality Catholic schools in the Diocese of Nsukka needed to somehow have a “voice” in designing that future. It is based on a facilitation theory that the conference participants take ownership by developing leadership skills at every level of the system.


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After the presentation the group began the work of the conference by dividing into stakeholder groups and identifying key trends they face in their own particular situations. Stakeholder groups were developed on the basis of secondary, primary and nursery school groupings of local managers, principals, teachers and diocesan personnel.


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 Facilitators Minimize

The facilitators for the conference were Esther Hicks, Chuck Newman and Carol Fendt. Each had a particular role to play in the process:

      >Leading the phases of the Future Search process;

      >Reporting on previous data gathering and analysis;

      >Developing models of schools and classrooms based on standards;

      >Envisioning 2020 Catholic education scenarios;

      >Reflecting on and evaluating the processes of the conference.


 What Can We Do Now? Minimize

Regarding the future, Fr. Odo stated the importance of establishing a model school provisioned with the technologies spoken about during the conference. He mentioned that this work should begin as soon as possible. He thanked Bishop Okobo, the faciliators and the participants for the ongoing commitment needed to make progress in the goals that were established by the group.



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Once historical memories were charted, the group then began to look at the current situation of the schools and developed a “Mind Map” identifying the current trends and connecting the patterns evolving from the data.




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