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Archdiocese of Chicago

 FAST Initiative 2013-2014 Minimize


Catholic School enrollment has grown in the City of Chicago for the 4 three years and 61% of the Catholic Schools in Lake and Cook Counties are stable or growing. Test scores in math and reading remain well above the norm and Catholic school graduates matriculate to and succeed in college at rates well above state and national averages. All this happens in communities of faith and service that are open to all.

Challenges still remain, however, as families and donors balance precious resources. With this in mind, a focused process designed for major impact on enrollment and fiscal health, is essential.

With the rollout of our Strategic Plan for the Schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago, a parallel initiative is underway with the goal of increasing enrollment across the system. Pastors and principals are asked to again share initial plans with the Bishop of their region before Christmas. The process includes strengthening Catholic identity and academic excellence, advancement and marketing outreach to the community, scholarship, leadership, and fiscal transparency.

As the largest Catholic school system in the nation, our goal remains more students in great Catholic schools, doing what we do best in service to families and the future of our world and church.

Below are links to the tools, resources and people that are available to support your work: