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 Resources for Pastors Minimize

Grace and gratitude to you!

Your work in and for our schools is a work of the Church, a liturgia of love and learning. We are critically aware of the time and the energy it takes to lead the Catholic school ministry in your parish and appreciate your generous response to the myriad challenges and demands on your leadership.

With an awareness for the most important needs you face, the following resources are here to support you, particularly in the areas of Catholic Identity, financial management, enrollment management, and advancement (also known as development or fundraising). They represent best approaches gathered across Catholic schools in the Archdiocese, and you may be familiar with much of what is outlined below, while some of it may be new to you.

 Handbook for Pastors


Presentations and Articles on Pastors in Catholic Schools 


Celebrating Pastors - An AMEN workshop that focused on ways for school communities to build stronger relationships with their Pastors.

Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools, 2013-2016

Financial Management (FAST Initiative)

Enrollment Management


Strategic Planning

Board Development

Legislative Action

Family School Associations

Principal Evaluation Resources