Archdiocese of Chicago

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Dear Archdiocesan School Principals,

The Nonpublic Application for Recognition and Calendar system in IWAS is now open!!!  All recognized schools need to go into IWAS and renew recognition for 2018-19.  You must complete the process before the deadline of January 31, 2019 to remain eligible to receive tax credit scholarships (TCS) and other public programmatic funding sources.

Because of the importance of being a Recognized Nonpublic School, coupled with the difficult and often glitchy experience of those who have already tried and completed the process, we ask that you complete this task by JANUARY 21st and send the confirmation email (or a screenshot/picture of it) to and please include your school’s full name and 5-digit AoC ID code in the subject line. 

We are consolidating and posting known issues and resolutions (to harness the knowledge and experience of the entire Principal network for the benefit of one another) on the Recognition page of the OCS Resource Portal.  If you experience difficulties, go to the Recognition page to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue and, if not, please submit the issue to the email so that we can build the knowledge base.

Each of you should have already submitted the Non-Public School Registration, Enrollment and Staff Report and the Student Health Data-Immunization report, which are prerequisites to submission of the Non-Public School Application for Recognition and Calendar. If you have not already done so, vision and dental reports will also need to be completed for each school in the Spring.



Those of you who have done recognition renewal in IWAS are fully aware that this system is very complicated. Please see the following suggestions to assist in completing this requirement with relative ease.

  1. Most, if not each time you click on a radio button, your screen will “blink.”  This is normal and does not indicate there is a problem.  The blinking also seems to take longer the further into the document you get.
  2. When you click on the save button, this arrow may turn into an “X”.  Try not to continue working until the X turns back into the circular arrow.  Working while the system is trying to save does cause issues intermittently.
  3. The system does experience slow reaction times, so be patient.  The act of saving, for example, might take 10-15 seconds, which can be perceived to be evidence of a larger failure when you are staring at your keyboard wanting to move on.  It may be that when several schools are logged in and working in the IWAS portal,the system does experience delays that interfere with normal data processing.
  4. Sometimes when you click on the save button, the system will place you out of the input screen andin the view only tab.  This is a random problem and has not been sufficiently addressed by ISBE.  The good news is that the system does always save your work, so likely you will just have the additional task of having to click on the enter application tab and resume where you had left the application.
  5. Please note also that you previously had access to three pages in the recognition system—a page of assurances and two pages of calendar items. The calendar items do not display because you are no longer required to have a school day of minimum length.  So, you should only see the one page of assurances.  For this reason, many of you will only need 10-15 minutes to complete your registration renewals.
  6. Principals that are new to their school may experience that their non-public application for recognition will not automatically appear on their system listing tab. To correct this issue, principals or theirr designeee should click the link" sign up for other systems" on the bottom right side of the system listing page. Schools will then be given the opportunity to select the correct recognition report. It will initailly appear as pending, but will be activated in a short time so schools can complete the report. See below: 

Once the Recognition report is completed, please send the confirmation email (or a screenshot/picture of it) to and please include your school’s full name and 5-digit AoC ID code in the subject line. Due to the technical issues noted above with the system, we ask that you complete this task by JANUARY 21st, to allow sufficient time to remediate any technical issues that might arise. If you have technical problems accessing IWAS, please contact ISBE's help desk at 217.558.3600 or 312-814-5733.