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 Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools Minimize


After months of intense study and analysis, the Archdiocese of Chicago Board of Catholic Schools is pleased to present its Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools for 2013-2016. Its overall goal is to increase Catholic school enrollment and provide every student desiring Catholic education with excellent academics and strong faith formation in an economically sustainable way.

This plan addresses six core goals for the Catholic school system: Catholicity, Academics, Leadership, Operations, Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) Reorganization, and Funding. The School Board is confident that focused, proactive attention to all six areas will increase the number of students benefiting from an excellent Catholic education.

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 Catholic Identity Minimize

Enhance the religion curriculum to foster students’ faith formation and grounding in Catholic virtues.

2. Ensure strong faith formation for teachers.

3. Engage in outreach to school families.


 Academics Minimize

Enhance the core curriculum.

2. Extend and enhance academic services to meet student and community needs.


 Leadership Minimize

1. Systematically recruit superior principals.

2. Enhance training and professional development for principals and teachers.

3. Design merit-based evaluation and compensation systems for principals and teachers.


 Operations Minimize

1. Fully implement the FAST program.

2. Continue the AIM program of centralized OCS management of certain schools.

3. Transition high schools to newly formed associations of the Christian faithful.

4. Create a long-term budget and investment plan for pragmatic use of physical infrastructure.


 OCS Reorganization Minimize

1. Establish senior leadership support for the superintendent.

2. Upgrade field leadership and support (i.e., Field Team Leaders; marketing and finance team members).

3. Further develop the partnership between OCS and the Big Shoulders Fund.


 Funding Minimize

1. Conduct an aggressive fundraising campaign to cover projected deficits.

2. Continue to promote legislative action and public policies that would make public financial support available to Catholic school families. 

3. Foster more equitable support for schools across the Archdiocesan system.


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