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Legislation has taken on an extremely important role for Catholic schools and all non-public schools. Our families and our schools have, in justice, a right to a fair share of educational tax dollars. The Office of Catholic Schools has established a network of Legislative Action Persons (LAPs) in our schools to assist the school administration to effectively lobby for that right. The Legislative Manual outlines the Illinois Catholic legislative structure and gives LAPs and administrators’ guidelines for establishing relationships with legislators, writing letters and making calls and visits to lobby for support of educational issues that benefit both non-public and public schools.

For further information contact:
Sue Bordenaro at or 312-534-5304.

To download the Legislative Action Manual, click here.


If anyone who wishes to meet locally with their legislator contact Ebony at ebony@onechanceillinois or 773-680-9848.


Summer Send-Off



June 15, 2017







Federal Support for Parental Choice?



The U.S. bishops have long endorsed policies to empower families and children in their educational choices. Since the current Administration is on record supporting similar goals, optimism has been building on the issue.


One specific policy that has received more attention is a federal scholarship tax credit that would enable low- and middle-income families to cover tuition at a school of their choice. To show our support for such a proposal, the Committee on Catholic Education has signed a petition you may find here. These five principles are widely shared and provide a sound basis for Congress.


In addition to the petition, Bishop Murry wrote to the sponsors of similar bills in the Senate and House outlining our priorities.







The ESSA Era



With the passage of the funding bill for the remainder of 2017, we have entered the era of ESSA. This means all changes to equitable services and consultation are fully in force for the 2017-18 school year.


As you begin your planning this summer and enter consultations, keep in mind implementation is an ongoing process that requires our consistent and constant guidance and direction. A quick list of references:



Administration's 2018 Full Budget



In March, we discussed the Administration's "skinny budget" in CE News. Since then, the Department released its full budget, but not much changed for Catholic schools. We remain encouraged by the commitment to true parental choice (represented by a $250 million grant program); concerned about a Title I set-aside for government-school switchers along with increased charter funding; and eager to point out the positive benefits of Title II-A to Catholic school teachers.


It is also important to note the cold reception in Congress to the Education budget overall, but specifically to our areas of concern. As the appropriations process gets under way this summer, we will remain engaged with Congress on education spending levels and keep you informed on developments.



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